I am so motivated today to clean and organize our house and especially our spare bedroom.  Since we have been married, Nick and I have used our spare bedroom as a space for all of our extra ‘stuff.’  Before we (Nick) started going through it two weeks ago you could not get in the room without risk of tripping or hurting yourself trying to navigate through the piles of stuff that we have and obviously don’t need (we have gone the last 6 months without all of it).   Today I am so motivated to tackle this room.  Not because I feel particularly in the mood to organize but because I am not able to start working on painting and decorating our kitchen until the spare bedroom is organized.. Nick must know me really well because the prospect of painting our kitchen has made me an organization machine today!

I have big plans for the kitchen.. 🙂  I saw this picture on pinterest and am going to use it as my inspiration for our kitchen.

I love the bright orange walls and the wall art! I hope to start working on some of the wall art later this afternoon if I get all of my cleaning/organizing done!