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February 2012

DIY moss wreath

I have wanted a moss wreath to add some greenery to our kitchen for awhile but have not been able to find one for a decent price.  I found one on a craft supply website for 8 dollars and was ready to order up until I saw the 28 additional dollars it would cost to ship it from California.. hmm no thank you.  I decided to make one and used this very helpful tutorial:

I was not able to find the exact moss she used but did find something similar, a moss table runner with mesh backing at Michael’s.   This made the project so much easier than it could have been.   I can’t imagine the time it would take to glue on individual clumps of moss.

This is how it turned out:

I used a straw wreath and found this frame at Michael’s in the “Sold As Is” section for 8 dollars and painted it white.  It will look better once we paint the kitchen.  All together the wreath only cost 7 dollars! 🙂 yayy


Spaghetti baked in garlic parmesan bread

Last week I decided to try a new recipe that looked pretty easy and delicious.. it was both. 🙂 Nick and I don’t eat spaghetti very often because neither 0ne of us love it but we both agree that we could eat spaghetti baked in garlic bread anytime.

Had to get a close-up, look at all that cheesy goodness! 🙂

You can find the recipe here:


Kitchen wall art update

This week I finally finished the last of the plate wall art that will go in our kitchen (at least for now).  I found this little bowl at TJ MAXX on super clearance for 2 dollars and used a black paint pen to add some detail around the rim of the plate.

Not really the best picture.. we still need to fix the lighting in our kitchen (its pretty close to fluorescent now)

DIY instructions here:

Latest Obsessions:

Linen table runners:


Moss wreaths:



Galvanized pitchers:


Plate decor:



Who knew that Crepe paper could be classy?

Rosettes made out of crepe paper:


Crepe rosette wreath


Waiting on the Lord

Encouraging article by Paul David Tripp about spiritual growth during seasons of waiting on God.


A sweet Valentine’s day

We had a low-key Valentine’s day yesterday which included this deliciousness:

Cinnamon anything is Nick’s favorite so I decided I would try my hand at making some homemade cinnamon rolls for valentine’s day.  I combined 2 different recipes to make these because I don’t have a stand mixer and needed a dough recipe that could be made easily without one.

I used this dough recipe:

and this recipe for the filling and cream cheese icing:

I had to use half and half instead of milk because we were out and I will definitely be using half and half again. But next time I will use less flour when I knead the dough.  I think they turned out great for my first time and my husband was more than grateful to eat them! 🙂

Kitchen art DIY update

Also was able to work on some more kitchen wall art this weekend..yay!

This is how it turned out..

I found this plate at TJ MAX and the fabric backed paper at Michael’s.  Hanging in the kitchen.  I want to add one more, hopefully a brighter color pallet. You can find the DIY instructions here:


Birthday weekend! :)

I have had a wonderful birthday weekend thanks to my sweet husband and wonderful family and friends! Here are some pictures from the weekend..

Beautiful birthday flowers from my sweet husband!

Polishing off some birthday breakfast at Pam’s! 🙂

Birthday dinner at Bonefish Grill with my sister and her boyfriend, mom and dad.

With sweet friends at my birthday party on Saturday. 🙂

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