This is a delicious and simple recipe! I especially love the tomato basil mixture in lieu of marinara sauce.

Easy Chicken Parmesan

(adapted from America’s Test Kitchen)


1/2 cup flour, 2 large eggs (whisked), 1 cup panko bread crumbs, 1 cup shredded parmesan, 6 thin cut boneless skinless cutlets*, 10 Tbs. olive oil, 1 pint cherry tomatoes quartered, 1 clove garlic minced, 2 Tbs. finely chopped basil.

1.) Pat chicken dry.  Season with salt & pepper.  Set up breading station with flour in one bowl, eggs in another and Panko breadcrumb and Parmesan mixed in the third.

2.) Dredge each cutlet one by one, first in the flour, then eggs, and then in the Parmesan mixture.

3.) Heat 3 Tbs. oil in a skillet over medium heat until simmering.  Cook 2 cutlets at a time until golden brown and crisp (approximately 2-3 minutes on each side).  Transfer to a paper towel lined plate and repeat with remaining 4 cutlets.

4.) Toss cherry tomatoes, garlic, basil and 1 Tbs. olive oil in bowl and season with salt and pepper.  Top chicken with salad.

* I make my own cutlets by buying Boneless Chicken breasts and pounding them until they are an equal thickness all the way around and then cut them into 2-3 pieces.  For this recipe I cut them in two to make bigger cutlets.