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May 2012

Cinnamon rolls

This past Saturday night we decided to have a large group of people over for some homemade cinnamon rolls, coffee and tea. Making a batch of cinnamon rolls from scratch takes about 2 hours and is pretty labor intensive so making 3 batches for company wouldn’t have happened without the help of  my husband who did a lot of the work!

There he is kneading some dough like a pro,

I’m really sad I forgot to take a picture of all the rolls- there were about 36 when we were finished and they look almost as delicious as they taste.   I am still tweaking the recipe but will post it someday.

My base for the recipe is a combination of these two recipes found here:


He’s done! It’s official now.

Trip to the art museum

I took little girl to the art museum for the first time today-

We saw some funny sculptures,

We saw some pretty paintings,

And even stopped to pose with some other divas,

I think she had a good time! 🙂

Mountains Day 2

On our second full day we drove to Tennessee to do some white water rafting on the Watauga  River.  The rapids were not very intense but I think Nick made a wise choice- not scaring me off on my first time.

Pre-rafting picture:

Nick found something to jump off of- into 42 degree water…

Some peaceful water…

We headed back to NC after rafting and enjoyed some delicious barbeque and fried chicken at my new favorite place to eat in Boone, Southern Proper.

Trip to the mountains

This past Thursday, to celebrate Nick finishing his program and to get some much anticipated time away with one another we packed up and headed to Boone- back to the bed and breakfast we stayed at on our honeymoon 10 1/2 months ago! 🙂

Arriving at the Lazy Bear Lodge in Valley Crucis, NC! 🙂

The innkeeper has a beautiful garden and Koi pond in front.

The view from our balcony porch:

Our first full day we headed to Grandfather mountain…

Nick found some things to climb,

We saw some wildlife,

(When hiking I grabbed a tree to stabilize myself and squished this little guy… took me a few minutes to recover but the slug was unharmed. )

And of course we saw some breath-taking views,

A great first day of a wonderful trip!

Family fun

I had such a wonderful weekend with my sweet husband!  We are praising God that we can resume some kind of normal life now that Nick’s Teaching English program is over! Friday night, to celebrate, I made some Teriyaki Salmon and Fried Rice with Sriracha Mayo.  It was soo good.  This is a recipe that I found on one of my favorite websites and have been meaning to try for awhile.

Photo credit and recipe:

Then Saturday morning we went to watch one of the kids I nanny for play t-ball with The Miracle League in Raleigh.  It was so sweet to see him play and see how excited he was when he saw Nick and I.   After the game we headed to a lake nearby to canoe! It was my first time canoeing with my husband and I think this will be a new hobby for us- we had so much fun!

We had fun trying to see how close we could get to the wildlife before it flew away:

Saturday night we had the privilege of having some of Nick’s ESL students over for dessert and Sunday we got to celebrate Mother’s day with my family! Such a fun weekend!

He has made me glad

Today little girl and I were taking a walk around the nearby lake when something odd happened.  A sweet older lady who had been observing me and baby came up and told me that she had been observing me and upon seeing my joy she wanted to know why I was so happy.  She asked where I was from stating that she believed where you live has a huge impact on your happiness, and I proceeded to share with her how God saved my life several years ago and that this is the cause for any true rejoicing in my heart.

I told her that ten years ago someone shared with me that God exists and not only that but He is a Holy and Righteous God who sees everything, including all the bad things I have done in my life.  God is a Righteous Judge and like any good judge He must punish sin ( “the wages of sin is death”- Romans 6:23).  But God has provided a means of salvation for us in His Son Jesus.  Jesus lived a holy and perfect life and died not for His own sin ( “He was tempted in every way as we are, yet without sin”- Hebrews 4:15) but for ours ( “He Himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By His wounds you have been healed.”- 1 Peter 2:24).

To know Christ is true and eternal joy. ( “joy inexpressible” 1 Peter 1:8).

God used this conversation to convict my heart that often when things are going well in my life I am content to find my happiness in things far less glorious than Christ.  In difficult circumstances, I am much more eager to cling to Christ and fight for joy in Him but when things are going well I do not examine my heart as often to see where my hope lies.  I pray that by His grace my heart will rejoice continuously (Philippians 4:4) not because things are going well in my life (if and when they are) but because Christ is alive, seated at the right hand of God and all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Him! (Matthew 28:18)

What a magnificent picture of the Gospel! Encouraged and humbled.


She is SO adorable.

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