Recently, I have really enjoyed popping into different thrift stores, making small purchases and essentially figuring out how to make something beautiful out of nothing.  Below I reused an old flower vase given to us to make a terrarium with the addition of some inexpensive succulents.


I bought some small succulents from Lowes, lined the bottom with rocks and filled it up with some cactus/citrus soil.  I am notorious for killing all things green, whether by over watering or neglecting but this guy has held up nicely for almost a month now!

Another cheap find from the thrift store was this tray at .50 cents.


Although, not terrible, I figured with the addition of some pretty fabric and burlap this guy would make a great centerpiece for our coffee table.




And the finished project-


 Also, if you don’t have a tray in mind, you could easily do this with an aluminum baking sheet!