We have had a busy October so far, filled with various house projects, unpacking, visitors and trips! We had a special surprise visit from Anne and Ryan on their way to a wedding from California- Amelia loved them, especially Anne (and especially her hair).

IMG_6470 IMG_6469


 Amelia’s Gimi and Grandaddy and Great grandparents came to visit for her baby dedication.


And we took a trip to visit her Nana D and Grandpa Bob in the mountains!



IMG_6503 IMG_6506 IMG_0217

Still unpacking. thought I would be done by now but I have come to accept that it will just be a process.  The only room that has really gotten any attention is our living room because its really our everything room.  But all of our bedrooms are still mostly in boxes! :/

Before (from the MLS listing because I forgot to take a picture before we did the floors):

living room


IMG_6508 IMG_6510